Tips for using your Cast Iron Cookware

• NEVER clean in dishwasher.
• Follow cleaning instructions before first use.
• Cast iron handles get hot, use protective mitts & trivets.
• Avoid a sticky pan: oil layer used to cover the pan must be thin.
• Cooking oil can be: palm, flax, coconut, olive, corn, canola, shortening.
• Proper care & seasoning will make your cookware progressively more non-stick.
• Acidic foods (citrus, beans, tomatoes) can weaken or damage the seasoning.  Avoid cooking these foods until the cookware is very well seasoned.
• NEVER slide cookware on glass or ceramic cooktops to avoid scratches.
• Not suitable for the microwave.
• Some foods may stick the first few times of useUse a little extra cooking oil until the seasoning is strong and settled.
• Due to sand molding and traditional practices, each cast iron piece is unique. Your pan may have some irregularities that are purely cosmetic and do not affect the use of the product.

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